Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need the new iPhone 4s

Oh My Gosh!
I just watched the new iPhone 4s campaign video here.

I think I'm going to freak out.
I need the new phone that comes out October 14th.

Now listen to my sad story...
I just got my iPhone in July.
I was so happy to suddenly be up to speed with the best.
I love Apple, I love Mac.
How it's organized.  How it's designed.
I knew I'd love the phone.
And I DO!!
But then to my dismay, 3 months later I get topped by the iPhone 4s.
A product that is unbelievably better.

Now listen to my happy story...
My life has truly changed for the better with this beautiful piece of smart phone machinery.

Top 10 things I love about my iPhone 4 (not in order):

1) I can check my email wherever.  It's wired to multiple addresses so I'm getting ALL the mail I need with one click.
2) I virtually have no capability of being bored.  Between Words with Friends, Solitare, Plants vs Zombies, Tiny Wings, and Fruit Ninja (Ok, I'll admit it, I love Fashion Story too.  Don't judge) my options are endless.
3) There's an app for everything.  I have nutrition apps, I have banking apps, I have my university app where I can check my grades.  Ladies, I have a freaking Pinterest app.  Really?  Can my life be more complete?
4) The touch of the screen.  I know you're like "Duh?".  But I've had other touch screens and messed with other smart phones.  The touch of the screen is not the same.  I don't know what it is.  But how they designed it is brilliant. 
5) The camera apps.  You can make drab photos become fab.  There's awesome apps.  I haven't gotten into Instagram yet, but I LOVE Camera +.  If you have an iPhone and you want a cool picture app, get it.
6) It keeps all my text messages in one.  I know it's silly, but this simple aspect has saved my life.  Also the easy Copy and Paste capability.
7) I don't even worry about memory.  It serves as a back up.  People- All my pictures I have on my computer, are on my iPhone!
8) Multi-tasking is like my best friend.  Hello!  I can go from one thing, get out and change to the next like nothing.  Then go back like it never happened.
9) When I have a question about something, all I have to do is press my Safari button and do a quick google search.  This aspect assists me in seeming more intelligent. 
10) I can blog from my phone.  And I can blog stalk from my phone.  I hate to admit this, but if I follow you, your website address is a simple window in a folder on my phone.  I check my blogs at a touch of a button.

But after watching that video I'm stumped.
I have to have it.
Why does Apple do this?
I know they did it on purpose.
They give you a great product with awesome features in chapters.
So people get hooked like me,
Then they have no choice but to keep up...
I'm just one of their fishes coming back for better bait.
But I love you still.
I didn't really mean it, only a little.

Everything I just listed is totally topped by the new product.
Watch the video.
Next they're going to invent a Robot iPhone that does the dishes.

Life is so hard.

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