Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A weekend with Pixie

Ok, so her name isn't actually Pixie.
Alright, she's not actually technically a girl....

Chelsea got to babysit a friend's little puppy
this last weekend
and boy did we have fun!
And yes, it was a boy and his name is Kai,
But can us girls have a little fun??
By naming it and choosing it's sex?

This is what we did with Pixie:
A nice little walk around Provo.
We took her to a friends outside wedding reception (which PS was so cute!)
We took her on a drive where she took a little nap.
And we just hung out with her all night:)

But, my nice feelings for her all flew out the window when she woke me up at 7:00 am.  It's my saturday people!  My only chance to sleep in.  I also was dismayed to find the puppy chewing on the edge of my blanket, trying to pull it off me.  Later, we found Chelsea's cute new shoes ruined.

So my liking for this puppy changed as you can see.
I decided I probably need a bigger dog.
And also a man to take care of it.

Other than that, I've decide that I'm really more baby hungry than puppy hungry...

 Pixie even got to help us touch up our roots!

 Dear friend Jaweon at the reception with us

While I'm adding all these puppy pics of Chels, I thought I'd add this one too.  This is a puppy that's only 3 weeks old!!  My neighbor had Mr Snuggles wrapped in a blanket on the lawn.

I guess you could say my weekend was very eventful with the K9's :) 

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