Monday, January 16, 2012


My friend invited me to a masquerade party.
I jumped at the chance of making a mask.
Gotta try my hand at being crafty sometimes...

I have been inspired by this picture for awhile.
So I created a mask like it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

funny gas...

Today I went to the Dentist...
The whole time I was on funny gas, 
And for anyone who's tried it...
It's quite the experience.
I like it too much,
And for this reason, I plan ON NEVER TRYING DRUGS!

But as I sat there,
drugged up,
While a man's hands were in my mouth,
I tried to figure out what he exactly was doing with all of his power drills.

Despite the funny gas,
I really don't think going to the dentist is fun.

I could barely take this picture I was so out of it:)

HERE are a few pictures i found on Pinterest:

Funny right?

How cute are these?

I would have died for this as a child...


Almost creepy.  But I can relate to it.  This is how I feel on funny gas...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today I woke up at noon.
This is crazy for me.
I haven't done this since I was a sophomore in college.

Don't worry...
It's only because I have jipped my usual sleeping routine.
Call me old fashioned, but I love going to bed early and waking up early.

During this Christmas break, I have consistently gone to bed at 4am.

Life is interesting now-a-days.
Here's a couple things scheduled to happen in my life for the 2012 year:

Don't get too excited.  It's definitely not a vacation.
I'm doing humanitarian work all summer long.
Remember how I teach nutrition in Jr. High?
(Maybe I haven't mentioned this, but I do)
Well I'm going to be teaching nutrition to Fijian women and children.
And I'm connecting this experience with my thesis for grad school.
Did I mention I'm a grad student?
So...... I'm going to be fundraising the shiz out of these next 6 months. 
I'll keep you up to date, cuz I will be creating a separate blog to inform people on what exactly I'm doing...

Well we will see.  Fingers crossed...
My sister, Rauni, is randomly moving to Moscow in a couple days.
Listen to how cool she is:
She is going to teach 3-5 year olds english through this really cool program.  She is going into Elem Education, so it's the perfect experience for her. 

After looking into flight costs, I discovered it's about the same to fly to NY, then London, then Moscow.  So I decided I'm doing everything in my power to go pick my baby sister up.  She's done in June, and I'm done teaching then too.  Me and Mandie are DYING to go, and stay with her in her flat.  The only hotels we will need will be in London because I have friends in NY.  By that time, Rauni will be an old pro in Moscow and will show us a good time.

Do you think I'm crazy yet?
Here are some of my goals for the new year:

Make my job full time.
Move out of my parents house.
Pray that the car since I've had since I was 15 won't die.
Raise at least 3,000 dollars.
Really go to the gym, and make it a habit.
Read my scriptures, and like it.

 I want to take a picture like this


 Words to live by

 New Years...

  Fun right? Besties

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Break

I haven't written for awhile...
Life is busy!
But also good...
I will update on a few projects I've been working on later.

But first, I want to show you some of the capturings of this relaxing Christmas Break...
According to Instagram, my new favorite app.

Friday, October 28, 2011

This Week

I'm afraid I don't like my days off.
I start off the day with so many anticipations of what I'm going to get done.
But, when I'm at home, all I want to do is lounge and eat and nap and watch movies.
When I go to a "workplace" I'm busy and I loose myself.

Oh what work does for one's soul.  
Lazy days aren't good for me.
The only thing I really do love about days off is sleeping in.

But even then, I sleep in till 8.
The one thing that is wonderful though,
Is not having to set an alarm.
Knowing that nothing else will wake me up up but my own stirring.

Here's things I should start doing:

1) Cook more.  I do live with the parentals, so this one is tricky.  But oh how I love cooking and inventing.

This one would be fun for this time of year.
Go HERE to check out this wonderful blog full of fun and inventive recipes

Does this not look delicious?

Shut up, I have to try this...
Imagine a pie with this lace topping for a crust.

2) Craft more.  I need to relish my time off!  And not try and get so many "serious" things done. 

3) Work out.  Let's be honest, I haven't for like 3 months.  This is really sad......

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prince Charming

I have a to do list sitting upstairs with at least 20 items
I should be attempting to check off right now...

But I'm blogging instead.
Earlier I was naughty 
And treated myself to a midday movie.
I watched "Practical Magic"
And I loved it, I had never seen it before.

In the movie Sandra Bullock does a spell when she's like 8,
Creating an impossible guy
So she'll never fall in love.

Of course the "impossible guy"
Comes along.
Not only is he super hot,
But he also saves the day.
Oh, and he doesn't even know Sandra,
and he's effortlessly in love with her.
Everything she so conveniently "didn't wish for".

Why do I like movies like these?

Starting when we're little, we are polluted
With images of Prince Charming...

He doesn't exist!
At least I haven't met one.
And I've been on a lot of dates.

Anyway, I hate to be Debby Downer,
But it's just one of those days.

Here's to not getting things done every once in awhile!
This picture is proof as to why I've lost all hope in men.

Now here's some fun "Prince Charming" pics:
 This girls pretty serious about finding him...

I think I could handle this type of prince charming:)


Wow.  This is real.

I wish it was this simple

Friday, October 21, 2011

top 5

Top 5 things I'm feeling tonight:





Please pray that I meet one of these tonight...