Friday, October 28, 2011

This Week

I'm afraid I don't like my days off.
I start off the day with so many anticipations of what I'm going to get done.
But, when I'm at home, all I want to do is lounge and eat and nap and watch movies.
When I go to a "workplace" I'm busy and I loose myself.

Oh what work does for one's soul.  
Lazy days aren't good for me.
The only thing I really do love about days off is sleeping in.

But even then, I sleep in till 8.
The one thing that is wonderful though,
Is not having to set an alarm.
Knowing that nothing else will wake me up up but my own stirring.

Here's things I should start doing:

1) Cook more.  I do live with the parentals, so this one is tricky.  But oh how I love cooking and inventing.

This one would be fun for this time of year.
Go HERE to check out this wonderful blog full of fun and inventive recipes

Does this not look delicious?

Shut up, I have to try this...
Imagine a pie with this lace topping for a crust.

2) Craft more.  I need to relish my time off!  And not try and get so many "serious" things done. 

3) Work out.  Let's be honest, I haven't for like 3 months.  This is really sad......


  1. Hey Sandra! It was so fun to see you on Saturday. I told Rauni I would leave a comment so you have my blog address!