About Sandy

Hi there I'm Sandy!  Here's a little bit about me...

I teach.
I just graduated and have started my teaching career.  
I teach Family Consumer Science subjects at a Jr. High.  
It is amazing.  
I love education and I love getting the chance to work with my students.

I plan parties.
Contact us, or view my "party planning" page if you want more information.

I sew.
I found this new art and there will be no turning back. 
 If you want some awesome sewing tutorials or even just great ideas check me out here.  
I had an awesome internship during college researching and coming up with public resources for clothing construction and textiles.

I cook.

I love cooking!  
Look at my "Recipes" page.  
I promise I have good taste.  
And I also promise I have a hat that looks just like this...

I pin.
Check me out on Pinterest here.

I really like my family and friends:)