Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prince Charming

I have a to do list sitting upstairs with at least 20 items
I should be attempting to check off right now...

But I'm blogging instead.
Earlier I was naughty 
And treated myself to a midday movie.
I watched "Practical Magic"
And I loved it, I had never seen it before.

In the movie Sandra Bullock does a spell when she's like 8,
Creating an impossible guy
So she'll never fall in love.

Of course the "impossible guy"
Comes along.
Not only is he super hot,
But he also saves the day.
Oh, and he doesn't even know Sandra,
and he's effortlessly in love with her.
Everything she so conveniently "didn't wish for".

Why do I like movies like these?

Starting when we're little, we are polluted
With images of Prince Charming...

He doesn't exist!
At least I haven't met one.
And I've been on a lot of dates.

Anyway, I hate to be Debby Downer,
But it's just one of those days.

Here's to not getting things done every once in awhile!
This picture is proof as to why I've lost all hope in men.

Now here's some fun "Prince Charming" pics:
 This girls pretty serious about finding him...

I think I could handle this type of prince charming:)


Wow.  This is real.

I wish it was this simple

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  1. Sandra I love this post its soo true! haha stupid disney movies put inside our heads that theres a prince charming and then we dont notice they have all these flaws! Lets do a man hunt again! haha so fun!