Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's getting cold...

It's getting cold,
and that means I can pull out my favorite types of clothes.

I've never been a fan of summer clothes.
I'm much more comfortable and at home when I'm wrapped in a GIANT SWEATER.
And sporting some boots.

I like scarves.
I like gloves.
I like jackets.
I like layers.
I like fall colors.

But I don't like hot coco.
Weird, right?

The cold times are coming near!
And the best news is I'm not in college anymore,
and I don't have to walk in cold all day to get to class.

I'm in my nice warm school all day.
And I get to wear the clothes I love.


Here's some awesome finds/ideas I have for this Fall/Winter:

Does this not look like pure ecstasy?  I want to snuggle around in this in my house all day.  And do nothing else.

This color is amazing.  I NEED it on my nails.

High waisted skirt.  I need this for work and church.  I just want this whole outfit really.

Ahhh.... How I would love to get warm in this amazing P coat.  Mustard, I love you on my hot dogs.  But also on my clothes.

Everything about this is amazing.  Boots, check.  Gold watch, check.  I love that purse and sweater/shirt too.

The color scheme on this ensemble is so fall.  I wuv it.  I need that scarf and I would kill for that jacket.

Dear Fabric God, I would love to find this exact fabric.  I could so make this purse.  I love carpet bags.

Ok it might seem weird, but I have been obsessed with the bun lately.  Maybe it's because I'm a teacher, hmm.  But I especially am digging the giant messy bun on top of your head look.  I wish my hair would grow faster.

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