Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me and Mandie are Famous!

Just kidding, we're not famous, famous.
Only famous at Utah State University, where I went to school.
I had the coolest job as a Clothing Construction and Textile Intern.
I studied, researched, and let's face it, PLAYED with "All Things Sewing"
Dream come true right?

One of my assignments was helping my advisor with the school fashion shows.
The theme was recycle redesign.
Fun? Yes!
Here are 2 looks I created for one fashion show in particular.
Now they put this picture on the ad for the next fashion show.
Mandie is showcasing my 50's look I created out of ties.  Yes, only ties!
I'm modeling a 40's look.  I used my mom's table cloth.  She was mad, saying she wasn't ready to "recycle" yet.  Oops!

But come on!  This was my job people!  I got paid to design and sew looks like these!  Oh College, I miss you....

While we're on the subject of my fashion show stuff, look at this other flyer that was up.  This was a skirt I made out of an umbrella for my sister Rauni.  She is the darling with the killer legs in this picture.

I heart sewing....
If you want more information about my awesome internship (I know you do!), then visit the website here.

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