Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A String of Bad Luck

I must have broken a mirror or something...
I'm serious when I say I have bad camera luck.
I can prove it.

Occurrence #1
Delicate Arch

This was my first bad luck experience with a camera.  There I was in Moab, with my family- vacationing and hiking.  I was holding my dad's camera over a big cliff.  And there it went, falling to it's death.  You can imagine how my dad felt. 

Occurrence #2
Car Melting

I'm dumb I know, I don't want to hear it.  I left camera # 2 in the car one long summer day.  When I returned to my sauna of a car, it had pretty much exploded.  The screen was all black and it no longer functioned.

Occurrence #3
Elevator Shaft in New York

My apartment in NY had one of those open, gated, really ancient, yet cool looking elevators.  On one fateful night as I was riding the elevator to my floor, I dropped camera # 3 through the shafted gate to the deep dark basement.  I did find it, slammed against the cement.  I'm proud to say that even after this accident, I stubbornly got the camera to barely work.  Until it officially died a month later, I still took that delightful camera with me.  The trick was a thick rubber band and duct tape that kept that trooper functioning until it's death.

Occurrence #4
Water Fall

Oh, Camera # 4, I miss you.  I went on a hike with some friends up to a waterfall in Utah Valley.  We were having fun taking pictures and playing.  I decided to go up to the top of the waterfall.  I don't honestly know what I was thinking with this next move.  I outstretched my hand holding the camera over the waterfall, trying to give my camera to Mr. X.  He accidentally slapped my hand and there it went.  Spiraling into the beautiful water rapids. 

So, now all I have is my iPhone.
I hope with all my heart that nothing like this ever happens to IT.
I would cry.

Due to these series of unfortunate events, my picture quality just isn't the same.  I love you, dear iPhone.  But you can't compete.

That is the end of my story.

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  1. I'm bad with cameras too. I haven't broken as many as you, but I have this one now, so that if I drop it or it gets wet, life will go on. I love all the functions it has too. Super great.