Sunday, September 11, 2011

Man Hunt

This might be a controversial idea.
But me and my two besties went to Salt Lake last night for an innocent girls night.
And it turned into a "Man Hunt".
What is there to loose?
We're all single.
We're young.
Why not?

So we did.  We went on a scavenger hunt of sorts.
Taking pictures of all the guys we met along the way.
Here are our findings.

NOTE: To make this night even better, it started off with a run in with my X.  Isn't that wonderful?!  I don't know if he saw me waving to him in the car crossing him in the intersection.  But I hope he did! I was having a good hair night... ha ha.

It can't be a girls night if we didn't start off shopping.  This is us at the Gateway, playing around by the fountain.

 Before we began our "man hunt", we had to fill our empty tummies.  It takes a lot of energy to find men!  We went to Pizza Pie up by the U.  It was soooo good, but we couldn't finish.  We used the leftovers as our asset later on in the night.

 A girl's amo could be considered her lip gloss.

And so it began.  Top left: This man was named George.  He was walking around the streets of SLC, trying to find guests to come to his birthday party.... NEXT YEAR! I really did feel bad for him, he's not all there upstairs.  But we talked to him for awhile, and he enjoyed the company.

Top right: This man was named McKay.  He was really a sweet guy, don't let his horns deceive you.  We asked him about them and they are silicone implants he got surgically put in! 

I don't know what this is, but it's like the coolest thing ever.  It's a bunch of bendy poles stuck in the ground.  We had so much fun playing and taking pictures.

Top Left: Mandie getting her ID checked.  No, she really was just flirting with him, trying to get us in for free.

Top Right: Chelsea took it upon herself to help the Bouncer out.  She was checking ID's before hand, just to make sure they were legit.

 I can't remember this ones name but he was nice:)

Top Left: His name was Kade.  We liked his shiny pants.

Top Right: Who knows, he could be my future boyfriend.  It looks like we're already in love in this picture.

Remember how I mentioned we used our leftovers as an asset later on?  Well Mandie is showcasing the smiley face we made with our pizza remains.  Don't worry we even put our numbers on a napkin and stuck it under the smile.  We carried it over like a waitress over to a table of 8 guys and asked them if they "were interested in a appetizer?".  They called us later in the night, and they actually were the coolest guys we met all night.  They invited us to hang out with them but then we found out they were two years younger (That's my little brothers age, gross).  We decided we weren't going to be cougars.  But the "pizza smiley face" method of meeting guys did prove successful!

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  1. Shut up post this on facebook!!!! soooo funny! I love us! I seriously am jealous your such a good blogger!