Saturday, September 10, 2011


I know it's silly.
But a girl still thinks about her wedding.
Especially after she just attended her friends.

My Friend Jessica and Ben just got married yesterday.
They had the CUTEST circus themed reception.
If anyone knows me, I like themed parties.
And they pulled it off.
It was elegant but still had the cutesy details.
I'll post pictures later.

So I couldn't help myself.
I've telling my close friends forever that I want a
Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding.
So here it is.
Here is my day dreaming.
Here are my pictures I save in a "some day" folder on my computer.

I LOVE tea parties.  Can't I have one for my wedding?

I might be a nerd.  Yes I got into the Royal Wedding.  Wouldn't it be fun to require guests to wear fancy hats?

 I'm in love with this...

Cute old time graphics of the original Alice in Wonderland.

 All I'm saying is I could make this theme work.  All I need to do is find a willing groom:)

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