Monday, September 26, 2011

A lot of HAIR, but a lot of FUN

I was very busy this Saturday with my girlfriend Chelsea
We were getting all dressed up and dolled

Sounds fun right?
Well yes, mostly.
But my hair probably weighed like 5 pounds
And it was all one side of my head.
You can see here that I helped hold the weight with towels.
P.S. Is that not the most gorgeous mirror?

We were helping out
A fabulous salon in Salt Lake City
as they participated in SALON WARS
A runway hair competition

Our theme the salon picked was
Marie Antoinette
the best theme ever for a hair show!

We did a photo shoot for them a couple weeks ago
And then the actual runway show this last Saturday
I've never done a runway show so I was nervous but it was fun!

Here's a sneak peak of how the pictures turned out.
I'll post lots more later...


  1. Andrew is looking at your blog with me and he didn't believe that picture was you! Then he told me that you are very pretty and I agree! Your hair is super cool too!

  2. Thanks! Ya it was a lot of fun! But that heavy hair piece sure gave me a head ache:)