Monday, September 26, 2011

Give me S'more of that cup cake

It must be my day off.
I'm at The Sweet Tooth Fairy cup cake shop in the middle of the day,
Checking my banking on my iPhone.
Oh, and blogging simultaneously.
This smart phone stuff is amazing.

But back to my point...
This delicious cup cake.
A S'mores themed cup cake.
Who is the genius who thought of this?
The Sweet Tooth Fairy, that's who.

It is a delicious chocolate cake with marshmallow cream in the middle, gram cracker frosting, a real roasted marshmallow on top, and a hardened chocolate drizzle to finish.

Who knew cup cakes could get so creative? A marriage between 2 of the most fabulous deserts, blended in delectable love and matrimony.

P.S. One of my dreams is to create a cup cake/sweet shoppe. I would decorate it like alice in wonderland. You could rent rooms for fabulous tea parties and events. Good idea? I wish I was rich and could do it.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! It is so cute! And I love the sweet tooth fairy! Was Ari working when you went??

  2. The Sweet Tooth Fairy is amazzzzzing! No I didn't see your sister... I did look for her though. I've seen her there with Rauni..