Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Librarian Tuesday

Today I was a Librarian.

I only teach part time so I have every other day off.
I subbed for the librarian at my school.
It was delightful.
Surrounded by books.
Hours and hours to plan.

I was so impressed with the students at my school.
During every break, and also lunch,
Herds came into the library
Looking for books.

All of them were checking out books to read.
Yes, just to read for fun!
I have noticed it in my classroom as well.
Any time there is down time (which really rarely happens, but sometimes),
Out comes the books.
Reading for pleasure, no assignment attached.

I was in Jr. High when I first discovered books.
My first love was "Gone With the Wind".

Call me a little weird or nerdy,
Call me a bit of a drama queen...
But I dressed up when I read that book.
I would put on all of the most fanciest of necklaces,
Drape a scarf around my head,
and top it off with something made of fur.

Then I would find a secret place
(Usually my closet or the play house)
And read...

It was beautiful,
Even though Gone with the Wind is like the most tragic romance ever written.
It's just good to see that libraries and library cards are still being used.

Here are other inspirations of the day.
My friend Chels prescribed me to a new blog LOVEWHIT
And I like SO MUCH of what she puts up.
Blog stalking, ah....

Scrumptious shoes. Adorable phone.

Delightful jacket

So true

Old photo


I love this because I've done this... often.

I need to start looking at life this simply.


  1. I would love to be a librarian.

  2. i've just discovered yours too! and love it dearly!

  3. I hear you are meeting with Chelsea! That's so fun!