Thursday, October 20, 2011

A 8 year old Magician, Starbucks, and Shopping

I had a date Wednesday night.
It went ok, but I was done and in my car by 10:30...

(I've had 2 dates this week that have ended in the 10 time range.  Dating... SO FUN!)

The time a date ends is always a sign as to how it went.

But this is not why I'm blogging!
Before I began my belated date, I played with my friend Chels.
We are practically in a long distance relationship 
since there is an hour and 1/2 between us.
And Salt Lake is a perfect meeting spot.

Here are a couple pics of my joyous outing.

If a girl can't enjoy her dates,
At least she has a good friend to enjoy 
Shopping, Starbucks and Little Magicians...

Isn't this head board AMAZING?!!!

In this case, our enemy is BOYS.

Vanilla Bean Frappachino.  I spelled that wrong, but I just have no will to change it.

This little tike was ADORABLE!  He was 8 and he was working the corner with his magic tricks.  He actually had some good ones.  Sure stumped me...

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