Monday, September 5, 2011

Nerds go on dates too...

This is a story that starts about 2 years ago...

Let me paint a picture for you: 
-I'm alone on a Sunday night.
-I get a phone call from an unknown number.
-I answer.
-He says his name is Kent Adams and he wants to take me out.
-I have no idea who this Kent Adams is.
-He talks really weird and asks me if I want to get some McDonalds Pies.
-These (at this time in my life) just so happened to be my favorite treat.
-Over the course of the convo I decide he's too weird to agree to go out with.
-He knows way too much information about me and he is just too weird.

-Fast forward about a week.
-I go to a house to meet up with some friends.
-A man on a couch reaches up his hand and introduces himself as the "Kent Adams".
-The whole room laughs.
-Apparently I'm the brunt of a prank call joke.

Thank goodness

-The reason he knew so much about me was because my BFF Mandie was there to give him some need background knowledge. 
-When the "Kent Adams" called me that night, I was on speaker phone while 15 people listened and tried not to laugh.

-"Kent Adams" becomes a good friend of mine. 
(His real name is not Kent, it's Jordan)
-Now every time we see each other he becomes the "Kent Adams" I long for.  
My nerd soulmate.
-All of our immediate friends get in on this, "Kent Adams" becomes quite the alter ego for our friend Jordan.

PRESENT TIME (2 years later)
-I decide on a nerd name: Agnes. Perfect.
-We both dress up the part.
-We talk the part the whole night.
-We finally get those McDonalds apple pies I've been yearning for.

I'm just saying... it's scary how easy it is for me to be a nerd.

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