Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aunt Sandy

So my friend Janelle had the most adorable baby girl named Zoey in May.  I'm telling you, she's like the prettiest baby ever.  Me and Janelle have been friends for awhile, we met in college.  We lived together and had many adventures together.  But now she's a grown up mom, and a very good one.

Mandie and I got to babysit Zoey for an afternoon, and it was delightful.  She's only 3 months so she can't do that much.  But we gooed and gaaed all afternoon. 

Highlights of the afternoon
  • Aunt Sandy, Aunt Mandie and Baby Zoey all picked raspberries in the backyard.  We added the berries to a nice little fruit and yogurt parfet. (Zoey of course stuck with her bottle.)
  • Zoey burped right after she drank her formula!
  • Zoey got so tired from all the fun commotion that she took a 30 minute nap.
  • Aunty Sandy changed baby Zoey's diaper after her nice nap.

See!  I'm going to be a good mom someday!

This was Zoey's blessing day. I love these girls... Janelle is the one with short brown hair.  Chelsea is the blonde, Cami is the reddish brown.  

Apparently Cami and I think something is pretty funny.  Oh PS, there are crutches in the pictures because of poor Cami's foot.

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  1. OMG i love this post!!! I wanna get a cool hipstamatic camera for cool pictures!