Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Ugh, I'm so white"

We've all heard it.
"Ugh, I'm so white!  I need to go tanning."
I'll admit it.
I used to be one of those girls.
I felt pressured to feel like I needed to be tan.

But the following is how my skin reacts to high amounts of sun or UV rays:
-I get hives that itch and are highly uncomfortable
-I get a blotchy uneven sunburn as apposed to a glowing tan
-Many times I've had sunburns that kill, I mean kill
-After my sunburn fades, there is only freckles that replace it

Also, I just frankly didn't like tanning beds.  I felt like I was being baked in an oven.  And you stink after.  Ugh.

So I came to the conclusion like 2 years ago that white skin was ok for me.  I hate to admit it, but there was one book that highly contributed to this new embracing in my life: Twilight.  If vampires rocked it, why couldn't I?  I like fair skin.  I like not seeking constantly after the next tanning bed.  I think fair skin is pretty.  I think it's elegant.

Here's some pictures of gorgeous girls I found with very fair, white skin.

Rose from Titanic
My and my sister watched Titanic last night
I couldn't get over this women's white glow
I would love if I had gorgeous red hair like her

This is the lady I nannied for 2 summers ago
She attempted acting most of her life
First time I met her I said: "Wow, you're gorgeous"
She was obsessed with keeping her skin white
She would keep sun screen with her at all times

Oh how I love Zooey
Her white skin fits her

Don't know who this girl is but she's gorgeous

Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of her acting
And I can't understand how she'd cheat on her husband Ryan Renalds
I do think she rocks the white elegant look

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  1. I came to the same conclusion too! I spent one summer using tanning beds and laying out constantly only to end up with skin that was maybe one shade darker. The sunburns and risk of skin cancer just aren't worth it for me.