Sunday, October 16, 2011

My head is in the clouds apparently

Let me tell you about a dream I had on Friday...
I've forgotten about most of the details,
As that usually happens with dreams.

But the coolest part I remember.

I was sitting on a cloud
With my best friend Mandie.
We were sitting there noticing how the cloud felt.
It felt remarkably similar to cotton candy
And we were completely comfortable
Just sitting there enjoying our nice cushiony spot.

There were also fighter jets (who were being run by our X's)
But this couldn't dampen our fantastic sitting on top of the cloud.

Then there was a a cloud drifting by with an Australian man
For some reason I knew his name
I said: "Hello there Dougy!" 
In an Australian accent of course.

There also was at some point a room with Obama and JFK talking to each other, but I really can't remember how it all tied in.

So Now I'm AWAKE.
It's Saturday.
I go to this thing with my friend Chels
where she will be filmed.
The girl filming her is.....

(Rolling drums)


I tell her about my dream.
Guess what her dad's name is?

That, my friends,
Is just a little dose of my life.

Now here are some cool cloud pictures:

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