Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yes. My BFF is also my hair dresser.

It's simply delightful to have a best friend that does hair. Here's why:

  • Much needed girl time is also groom time.

  • I'm more adventurous when a loved one is playing with my precious locks of love. Believe me, I've tried every color on for size: brown, black, red, purple.

  • It just so happens that my BFF is also conveniently my next door neighbor. So when poor Sandy is having a rotten hair day all she has to do is reach her personal hair dresser a lawn way.

  • I get expert hair advise at a dial. BFF is always at the other end letting me know what to do when I'm distressed.

  • I get salon quality shampoos and hair products for just a fraction of a price.

Love you Mandie. 
Thanks for putting up with me and my hair needs.

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