Monday, September 19, 2011

This one goes out to my Pearl

I'm dedicating this post to a very special friend.  
Clami the Pearl, aka Cami Greer, is a delightful human being.

These are the following reasons why I'm dedicating this very special post to her.

  • She let's me sleep on her futon when I need a spot to rest my poor little head in Logan.  Which I'm currently benefitting from right now.
  • In college we shared a bunk-bed.
  • She recently shared her cheese and crackers with me.
  • She likes cats.
  • One time we dressed up like "Sex in the City" stars and went to A&W.  Classy.
  • One time we made a doll house out of paper, and it was fun.
  • I taught her how to make scrambled eggs.

 Clami even accepted me when my hair was brown.

 I love Clam so much I made her a cake.

 This is the play house I referred to.

We were all once single.  Looking for something to do in Walmart on a Friday night...

A ugly sweater party.  How appropriate.

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