Thursday, August 4, 2011

This one goes out to my grandparents

Meet my grandparents, aren't they so cute?! They just barely lived at my parents house. My grandpa is really struggling and needed some extra hands. It was very sad for them to leave their blessed home they lived in for 60 years. Yes, 60 years! It was such a blessing to have them in my parents home though for the short time they did. Now a rest home is a better option for my grandpa.

I did get to know my grandpa better during this time and I must tell you he's an adorable man. He has the sweetest most innocent heart. He has written poetry for years and continues to even now. He's very quiet but when he does make a comment it gets the whole dinner table laughing. To top that off, he'll randomly bust out in character voices.

My grandparents are so cute together. My grandma is patient as my grandpa gets harder and harder to take care of. They're companions, they are there own team. I can't imagine loving someone for over 60 years. Right now in my newly single life I can't fathom it. But oh do I want it. I'm just happy I have 2 great examples of what honest pure love can create over many years.

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